John Carey

Green Party Candidate Election 2011

Tel: 087-1636396

February 6, 2011


John Carey, Green Party Election 2011 candidate for Mayo, said that Mayo’s employment future was green. However, he warned Mayo voters not to be taken in by johnny-come-lately promises on the green economy from other party candidates.

He said that Mayo was ideally placed to be a hub for clean digital and greentech companies with the potential for 100s of jobs in areas from energy to organic farming to eco-tourism. However, it would require a Green eye in Dail Eireann to ensure that commitment to Ireland’s green future went beyond rhetoric and election soundbites.

“If you think Green, you have to vote Green,” he said. “You can’t rely on political late comers to the sustainable table to commit beyond rhetoric to the development of a Green economy for Ireland and for Mayo.”

In Government, the Green Party facilitated the creation of over 16,000 Green Sector jobs. The Green economy was one of the only areas to flourish over the past three years of recession. Over €26 m was allocated for research into wave power, much of which is currently taking place off Mayo’s coast. The Green Party established the Green Enterprise Group comprised of leading industry experts, which identified the potential for 80,000 jobs, many of which could come to Mayo particularly because of its energy potential.

“It’s good to hear that other parties have adopted wholesale Green Party policy on energy and the green economy. However, I’m not at all confident that they actually believe in it enough to deliver on it. The problem is, if they don’t deliver, Ireland and Mayo will be left behind. And none of us can afford that to happen.”

For more information contact:

Edel Hackett, Tel: 087-2935207

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