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About Our Candidate.


Name John Andrew Carey

Age 45

Family Status married with children

Work experience Qualified as building surveyor, I worked on infrastructural civil engineering projects in London during the 80s, then went travelling and lived in Southern Africa, working on large-scale projects for water, infrastructure, and waste management. I also had a heavy transport company which was not a success. However I managed the debts and have no liabilities from that period. I returned to Europe in 2000 and decided to reside in Ireland for family and employment reasons.

Current Since living in Ireland I have worked for a couple of small, family-owned ground worker contractors as Contracts Manager/Quantity Surveyor. In 2005 I went self employed as freelance Quantity Surveyor and am still working, which is a small miracle in this age.

Political Activity In 2006 I joined the green party. I have always had an interest in politics; however it previously only went as far climbing on my soap box about injustice. Having worked within the construction industry in Ireland, and having seen the exposure to the cronyism and corruption which has now cost the Irish society its freedom, this led me to join the Green Party. The Greens appeared to be the only party that wanted to build a society based on sustainable and not exploitive policies, and that upheld the ideal that politicians serve the state, not special interests.

Where I differ from the party line and cannot defend is as follows:

I do not agree with NAMA, and all the objections that the membership indicated at time of preferendum have come to pass. However greater transparency must now be imposed as it is society/state footing the bill and not the political parties or special interest groups.

I do not believe that this government has legitimacy, as it has refused to hold by-elections in an expeditious manner, and is reliant on the consequence to maintain their majority. This is not defensible.

Surrender of sovereignty was not in the Programme for Government, and has not been referred back to the party for ratification.

The Parliamentary party has stated that once the finances bill passes they shall withdraw from government, and have given a time line of mid January. This cannot be overrun if the Green party is to have credibility. Although I believe that we should withdraw immediately, since a date in January has been set, this certainly should not be extended.

Reason for Standing I believe that, although there is little chance of being returned as TD, the Mayo Greens have an obligation to put forward a candidate so that the Mayo people will have the option to vote Green. Whilst participation in government has brought some success, compromises on certain issues have, for some, tarnished the reputation of the party. However I believe that we now have a more politically discerning public, rather than the previous pattern of many voters adhering to habitual voting patterns.

I am not from the traditional trades for politics, academia, teaching, solicitor nor publican, but am an ordinary working man who recognises ‘bull? I have a business background and understand what is happening in ordinary society. Where I lack knowledge and political experience, I would hope to utilize the extensive talents of the constituency party.

If successful in this nomination, since both Mayo Greens and my own finances are in a poor state, I would run a low cost campaign, and would propose to canvass the main urban areas and my local rural area.




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