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The Environmental Pillar Condemns the Governments U-Turn on Genetically Modified Foods


Corrib Gas Pipeline Decision 'legally flawed'


Dublin - 21st January, 2011.  An Bord Pleanála's decision to approve planning permission for the final section of the Corrib gas pipeline in north Mayo has been condemned as 'legally flawed by the Environmental Pillar of Social Partnership. It demands that this development, along with all developments, must be completed in accordance with the law.

Glencad , Sept 2008

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No outright ban on Live Exports

We would like to clarify the position on LIVE EXPORTS.

The Green Party does NOT call for an outright ban on live exports but nor would we promote or encourage the live export of animals.

  The Green Party does understand that if there were no live exports at present, the meat factories would have a monopoly on the meat trade in Ireland and the prices paid to the farmer would drop considerably. Until a viable alternative can be offered, the Green Party will seek to reduce the dominance of the large meat factories and supermarkets and lobby for the humane transport of animals at home and abroad while seeking to phase out live exports over time. The Party will promote local abattoirs and value-added meat processing to minimise live animal transportation.

  There should be a policy to retain the national network of local abattoirs, to ensure that all livestock can be slaughtered close to the farm. Measures would include a commitment to greatly reduce charges and other regulatory burdens for small/medium sized abattoirs. Smaller plants
would benefit from a lighter official inspection regime, thus encouraging small innovative companies to develop. This would benefit the whole agricultural industry and counter the trend in the intensification of food production.

  The conditions under which animals are transported do need to be clearly established and equally enforced because where poor conditions are tolerated the affects are bad for all involved:

  • The animals suffer;
  •  The farmer who has reared the stock to the best possible quality risks losing future business if his stock arrives at its destination battered and bruised;
  • Those who work in the haulage trade have to endure unpleasant and degrading working conditions;
  • The purchaser loses a percentage of the value of his end product, or he passses it on to
  • The consumer, who if aware that conditions are sometimes bad, will question the value of the product.




With regard to Shell and Corrib Gas

  • Validation of the terms of the original licenses, and publication of all advice, instructions, and representations made which gave cause for alteration of terms in 1987 and 1992. This is in light of the questionable reputations of the parties central to those alterations.
  • A truth and reconciliation process be instigated, mediated by a bipartisan oireachtas committee in order to heal the local community.
  • That the safety issue in regard to all life and environment be addressed by an independent institute of engineers that is accepted by both parties as impartial.
  • Investigation into actions and instructions of the garda siochana, and what political instructions have been issued, names of persons involved, and to establish if further action should be taken by the DPP.
  • All Planning issues will have to be brought to a closure including an appeals process. All works carried out in contravention of findings will have to be removed forthwith and due process follow if a moratorium is not observed.
  • The conditions of contract should be re-examined by agreement. Alternatively there should be an implementation of carbon tax and lease charges for usage of the national grid
I commend the non-violent actions of the various protest movements, those that have had their constitutional rights suspended, and have been defamed by the media. This nation owes you a debt.

Green Party Candidate Says Government Is Gambling with Mayo Jobs ?and Losing 

It is our intention to bring you an informative site that will help you keep up to date on what is happening to your world on a Local /Regional/ National /European /Global level

"We're  also here to show that environmental awareness is about quality of life at all levels. The 'environment' is shorthand for issues that impact on us in a thousand ways every day, from the food we eat and the clothes we wear to the weather we enjoy or suffer. Understanding our world better, and the part we play in it, is also about having fun, not about living grey, hair-shirt lives."

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