FG telling farmers that they can be exempt from Carbon Tax is disingenuous says Carey

Green Party candidate for Mayo said that Michael Ring TD was filling farmers with false hope by telling them that they will be exempt from paying carbon tax when Fine Gael gets into Government.

He was responding to promises made by the Westport TD at an IFA Hustings meeting on Thursday, February 17th.

“All political parties, including Fine Gael, support carbon tax,?said Carey. “It is here to stay and a fact of life. It is irresponsible to promise groups of people that they can be exempt from it.?/p>

“Fine Gael and other parties will continue to implement a carbon tax and increase it when they get into Government but that tax is likely to go into a black hole,?he continued. “The Greens ensured that carbon tax is ring-fenced for investment in sustainable energy, home insulation and energy conservation, and will evolve it into cap & share carbon taxation?/p>

Carey said that it was also disingenuous to suggest that climate change legislation was bad for farmers. In fact, climate change legislation could be extremely positive for farmers because it would help stop the importation of carbon heavy food products from other agricultural markets like Brazil.

“To deny the need to plan properly for climate change will bring Ireland and Irish agriculture back 30 years,?he said. “If we don’t initiate our own legislation, or keep kicking the issue to touch, it will be dictated by Europe anyway. It’s better that we lead and are in control of our own legislation.?/p>

Carey said that other regrettable u-turns on sustainable farming policies were beginning already since the Greens left office. The introduction of genetically modified (GM) organisms at European level was not supported by Ireland while the Greens were in government. Last week, however, Fianna Fáil said it would now vote in favour of GM proposals. This move has already sold out Irish farming.

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