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Mayo Greens

Issues - Local Sustainability - Atlantic Salmon Policy - Women in Ireland
Sustainability What is Sustainability?

Submission to Mayo County Council Development Plan
From The Green Party, Mayo Branch

Everybody supports the idea of Mayo becoming sustainable but on the evidence of the draft development plan, no-one has thought clearly about what sustainability really is. The Green Party believes that a sustainable county would be one which could be expected to continue to support its human, animal, plant and marine populations in the present way for hundreds of years without anything having to be changed. This would require the human residents of Mayo to generate their livelihoods using methods which did not rely on non-renewable resources or the over-exploitation of the natural world. Of course these methods might change over the years but they would not have to be changed because they were progressively destroying any
of the resources on which they relied or were worsening the conditions in which some people lived.

No-one could claim the county is in such a state at present or that the draft plan would move it significantly towards such a state. A sustainable Mayo would:

1. Have a stable human population.

2. Not rely on any form of non-renewable or non-Irish energy for its power.

3. Return to the land all the nutrients taken from it by plants and animals.

4. Produce its basic food and building construction needs within the county borders. More generally, it should have a sufficiently wide range of economic activities going on to be able to choose whether or not to trade with distant places both in Ireland and abroad. If the county had such a choice it could not be exploited to such an extent as to force it to destroy its sustainability to reduce its costs.

5. Not need continuous economic growth to avoid an economic collapse.

6. Not be creating a build-up of persistent substances in the air, land, rivers or sea, and not be changing the balance in plant and animal communities.

The Green Party would like to make it clear that there is no such thing as sustainable development if by that is meant continuous economic growth, something which is an impossibility in a finite world. The only sustainable development is one which either reduces human impact on the planet or which moves Mayo closer to the form of sustainability outlined above.
Atlantic Salmon Policy The European Federation of Green Parties resolution on Atlantic salmon policy in Norway gives a clear outline of our position on Salmon Farming where and as it is applicable to the West Coast Of Ireland. See also Irish Green Party Marine policy

Relevant Info:
"Disease ruled out as 230,000 salmon killed.
Initial investigations into serious fish kills at three fish farms in Inver Bay, Co Donegal, indicate a biological or chemical cause, according to the Department of the Marine"
Source: Irish Times 19-07-03

Women in Ireland and the Irish Green Party Text of Speech given by Dr Lucille Ryan O'Shea, Mayo Greens, to a conference in Kracow, Poland  on The role of women in the European Green Parties

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