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Lets take a look at what our Mayo T.Ds have been doing for us in the Dáil. By searching the archives of the Twenty-Ninth Dáil (20/06/2002 - ) we find that our five T.Ds have all contributed something, however small, either by speaking in a debate or asking questions.

Mayo TD No of search results  

    Michael Ring        

Enda Kenny          

** Dr. Gerry Cowley 

    B. Cooper-Flynn

    John Carty






If you click on the TDs name you will be taken to links to what they actually said or asked


 Tithe an Oireachtas

   * Since Enda Kenny became Leader of Fine Gael it should be taken into account that he has greater opportunity to speak than the other TDs.

** Some of Dr. Gerry Cowley's entries are because he was acting Chairman of the Dáil on a number of occasions

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